One year home, and 18 months old

It seems I'm rather behind on blogging these days... but then again I don't know that I've ever really gotten caught up!

May 1st meant Hazel has been home from the NICU for one year, and I found myself rather emotional over the joy that the past year has brought us. When Hazel came home after 6 months in the NICU, we were determined to make up for the time she had spent inside a locked unit, and to live as normal of a life as we could. 

That brought a year of memories, of exploring and adventuring, of cozy days at home and snuggles in bed. It brought tears, and joy. sleepless nights and sleepless days. And it created one unforgettable year. 

And then Monday May 7th came around, and Hazel turned 18 months old! It's hard to imagine her half birthday has passed and in another 6 months my sweet girl will be two. Where on earth does the time go!