A shower for Hazel

Two weekends ago my sisters held a beautiful 'Where the Wild Things Are' themed baby shower at our home to celebrate our sweet Hazel Emilie. It was the day after Hazel's due date which couldn't have been more fitting. Friday, March 3rd had been her due date and that week took such an emotional toll on me. I hadn't anticipated the emotions that would come from that day coming and going, and our baby still being in the NICU away from us. Away from home.

But on the 3rd my sisters and I spent the day together, we gathered things for the shower, we visited with Hazel and we went to Steveston to pick up mini donuts for the following day and ate lunch on the pier. 

Saturday morning our home filled with all the people who have been loving Hazel... our family and our friends - as I shared stories of Hazel's time, and her nurses got her dressed in her special custom preemie outfit from The Little Moore Shop and facetimed us to that Hazel could join in on the party even though she'd fallen asleep by the time we got it to connect ;)

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all our family and friends that made the effort to come and celebrate with us. It meant the world to me. And to my sisters- thank you for making sure we still celebrated Hazel though her arrival caught us all off guard. and to Jenn Foik - my amazing friend and photographer for capturing these sweet moments for me to someday share with Hazel so she can see all the people who came to love on her. 

I am humbled. Thank you