TwistShake Baby Review

The modern, sleek design of the Twistshake Baby sippy cup is a must have for parents looking for something beyond the traditional sippy cup.

Here it is friends! My first product review on the blog! If you follow me on Instagram @hazelandmama you've likely seen product reviews before, but today I'm taking to the blog to share a little more feedback on a product that I really love!

Twistshake Baby is made in Sweden (and let's be honest here, all the best stuff comes out of Europe) and they've been around since 2015. As they expand into the North American market they sent Hazel and I one of their sippy cups to try out and provide some feedback on and I'm so glad they did! 

I've been struggling to find a sippy cup I was happy with as we teach Hazel how to use one. My cupboard is stocked with half a dozen different baby cups... straws, spill proof, the 360, this colour, that colour... we've tried them all and what stood out for me with the twistshake cup is the unique design and colours that steer away from your traditional primary colours. 

Of all the cups we've tried, Hazel hasn't yet figured out she has to suck from the tip of the sippy cup to get water out, so we've started with a sippy cup lid that isn't spill proof to show her what the purpose is and we're making progress. That being said, every other cup we've given Hazel she's shown zero interest in. She either throws in on the floor, or chews on the handles or just simply ignores it but with the twistshake cup Hazel has been able to easily grip the handles of the cup, and the soft tip of the cup doesn't bang up against her brand new little teeth. We donated all our other sippy cups and have only kept the twistshake cup with plans to order a couple more moving forward.

Another great feature is the ability to add fruit into the cup. The twistshake cup has a special feature that allows you to add fruits without them clogging the tip of the sippy cup. We love this feature, as it will allow us to flavour her water without adding sugary juices!

Quite honestly, I have no gripes about these cups and I'm eager to try other products by Twistshake Baby!

As a thank you to all of you Twistshake has given us a special promo code for you to use on all Twistshake products! 

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