This is a series I started on the old blog but I never got too far into, so it's one that I'm happy to revive and a story I'm happy to be sharing. 

The blessing of carrying this little one did not come easy. We struggled with unexplained infertility for nearly two years and during that time I cried many tears of frustration, sadness, fear, and anger. We created a plan B for our life - one that didn't involve a little one and that plan was starting to look more and more realistic with each passing day. 

But, I learned through this experience that we can become so in tune with our bodies if we just listen to them. With the help of my incredible acupuncturist, and a major lifestyle change for me I managed to get my body to where it needed to be to conceive a life. It meant a complete 180 with the foods I ate, it meant cutting out chemicals from my life from beauty products to household cleaners we went all natural. Jeff still worked with chemicals and still insisted on using some things, but the items I was using daily were replaced with a natural alternative. I spent countless hours on researching natural ways to boost fertility - including adding maca root into my daily smoothies which I'm convinced was the final push I needed since that same month I found out we were expecting our little one. 

I share this because infertility is not talked about enough. Growing up we're always told "it only takes once" and don't get me wrong - I'll preach the same thing to my child! BUT -  at what point as women are we taught "hey, sometimes it doesn't come easy. In fact, most often it doesn't". We're raised with this idea in our heads that pregnancy is so absolutely natural and with one night you can be blissfully expecting - but it isn't the case (most of the time) so when I realized this wasn't coming easy I turned to the web. I started talking about our struggle and the more I talked the more I realized how many other women, friends, coworkers, loved ones all struggled with it. Some eventually conceived, some couldn't. What broke my heart the most was that during this time we all felt alone. 

So in sharing my pregnancy story I want you to remember that if you are in this struggle, my heart is with you and I wish you all the love and light there is because it isn't always an easy journey.

The positive side to our struggle was that I learned so much about my body, about mother nature and her incredible abilities to heal, and grow and if we listen to her we can do incredible things! It also made me appreciate this experience so much more. 

Pregnancy has been pretty good to me so far! I had terrible all day nausea from weeks 7-13, but hardly ever got sick so I really can't complain. I had a couple scares - which all turned out to be just fine and the nausea has finally started to ease off. I still get queasy if I let my blood sugar drop so it's important that I snack and eat every couple hours but besides that I've been so lucky. 

We listen to baby's heartbeat and the little kicks and movements on our doppler a couple times a week, and since we aren't finding out the baby's gender it helps me connect with our little one a little more. 

If you are fighting the unfair struggle of infertility I would love to chat more with you and share what helped me so feel free to send an email through my contact page. 

love and light,