Barefoot + Pregnant 1.2 {Babymoon + Vancouver Island}

Ah! These past three weeks have been so busy. Every time I wanted to write a blog post, life got in the way but we're home a couple days early from our babymoon and I finally have some time without distraction so today's post is a little about our trip to Vancouver Island for our babymoon and a little pregnancy update!

Working for an airline we tend to do most of our travel by air, always exploring somewhere we've had on our minds. So, initially we had planned on spending our babymoon vacation in Ireland since we've been missing that Emerald Isle in a bad way since first travelling there two years ago. The more I thought about it however, the more I realized I did not want to spend that much time on an aircraft and in airports. I really didn't think my body was going to be up to it at 18 weeks pregnant so we changed the plan to be a 10 day road trip down to Utah which after much discussion turned into a 7 day road trip around Vancouver Island. 

We live in the Fraser Valley of BC's west coast so we really aren't far from the ferry over to the island, but we've never spent much time exploring the island besides Victoria. I'd spent some time in my dad's big rig as a kid going with him hauling fish out of Beaver Cove but that was years ago and everything I saw, I saw from the cab of Dad's truck so it wasn't quite the same. 

We packed up our Nissan Xterra, making a cozy makeshift bed in the back and brought our pup along and headed for Vancouver Island. Our plan had been to head to Tofino first, and then make our way back to the East side of the Island and head North to Port Hardy before cutting in back to the West side again to Cape Scott. And we did just that, we explored Tofino and some of it's beautiful beaches: Long Beach, Incinerator Rock, Chesterman Beach, and a viewpoint at Radar Hill. We had hot coffees during a foggy sunrise on Long beach where we were the only ones at the beach and our pup Luke was so happy. We ate incredible seafood for dinner, drank delicious coffee from Tofino Coffee Roasters, had chocolate for breakfast from Chocolate Tofino and before heading out of town we stopped at Tacofino for lunch. It was a beautiful two days!

We then made our way back to the east side and took the coastal route 19A north up the island stopping near Black Creek to camp near Miracle Beach for a night before continuing on to Port McNeil, and then back tracking 15 minutes to Telegraph Cove. Let me tell you, Telegraph Cove was THE coolest little town I've ever seen. It's the only remaining boardwalk village in BC and it was so surreal. If you're interested, look up the history online - it feels like a movie set and the cove itself is beautiful!! 

After our visit to Telegraph cove we continued up to Port Hardy - as far north as you can go on the island by vehicle in terms of towns and camped just outside of Port Hardy for another night. The stars up there were absolutely unreal! 

We did cut our trip short and came home the next day, putting off Cape Scott for another journey. Unfortunately the wolf presence in Cape Scott is very high right now and the provincial website, along with speaking to several locals in Port McNeil and Port Hardy recommends NOT travelling there with your dog. There have been several reports of the wolves taking dogs right off their leashes so it wasn't a risk we were willing to take. 

Overall, we loved our trip and to be honest - my body was starting to protest after 3 nights of camping and I clearly needed a real bed to sleep in. It was a bit of a bummer to see how much harder it was to camp like that now that I'm pregnant and Jeff and I decided it would be my last camping trip until baby arrives but I'm glad my last camping trip was spent with Jeff and Luke away from the chaos of work and life and out in remote beautiful beaches and magical woods. 

As for a little update with baby, there isn't much new going on! Baby turned 18 weeks on Monday so we're 18 weeks and 3 days today and have our next ultrasound on october 19th so I'm eager to see our little bird again on the screen! My appetite is growing and it's so nice to actually feel hungry again. The only discomfort really is my lower back and hips - they've been very sore the past week or so and I'm hoping that a visit to a chiropractor and an RMT will help! 

Check back this weekend for a post sharing some new oily recipes I've been trying out! Since getting pregnant I've taken a break from my essential oils since I hadn't done enough research on oil safety while pregnant but I've been easing my way back into them so I'm eager to share some recipes with you soon!